Vincent Grace was born in a little village near the sea, he is blending indie folk and alternative rock stylings with a poet’s sensibility.

His first album released through MRStudio is raw, pure, and straightforward in terms of progression. It contains many textures with an honest collection of songs with dark notes. It gives off this pretty evocative and deep mood.

“A cocktail of pain, revenge, anger, vital melancholy and love as the only way to salvation.” explained Vincent.

He continued “The album starts with Come along with me inspired by the crossroads myth. This song represents a place “between the worlds” where the trails lead you to Lynch and Stephen King´s images and to the Devil´s tree….sounding slide guitar with Ry Cooder vibes.

Next is House of my Vanity a love trip through poetic and sci-fi imagery.

The Church that I Saw came from an apocalyptic dream.

Pete one of the bar tells a story about revenge and if “an eye for an eye” justifies an act…..and who is guiltier of his actions, the avenger or Pete one of the bar? You will have to listen it and decide yourself.

He was born and changed the world. My own lion, spoken words and tempo marked with clapping and tambourine.

That was my summer and so it was my slumber, smells from sad ol ́ age, smells from teenage stage in My midsummer night´s tormented dream.

All those things that I never told you until the grudge overflowed are written in Rage.

Slavery talks about a progressive and modern world in which oppression and abuse still reign.

An ode to nature and the freedom of men in Jeremiah Johnson, as Sartre said, “man is condemned to be free”.

Third act of a play that talks about the abuse of a woman. A very crude song that I hope we don´t have to Cry and Shout for these situations ever again. He, she and Melvin, a dreadful love triangle.

Two lovers who burn their empires to be together and be free, they throw their future plans and their hopes into a misty sea to be together forever and to Breathe again.

Song to my Youth takes you to those nights, all wedding nights, nights of love where all pleasures had a place in those infinite nights. Now my youth is a kind of noise and the only and honest truth is “the worst part of being old is remembering when you were young”.

The last song is a tragedy that feels like a grunge folk opera.

All the fears and emotions conclude in the Castle of D.”

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