I’m not sure exactly where Vincent Grace is from but his accent is very noticeable and thick that gave his music a distinct flavor. His self-titled album Vincent Grace is straightforward folk and is also very long with thirteen songs that last almost an hour.

Grace seems to embrace the classic folk hero trope that rose from Dylan and the Bohemian scene happening in the late ’60s. The songs revolve around acoustic guitar and vocals at the core. That being said there is some instrumentation that pops up which really helps the flow of the album.

One of the highlights entitled “Pete One of the Bar” contains some bass and drums which are a nice addition to the song. There’s also a good amount of harmonica sprinkled throughout in classic folk fashion.

One of the other highlights was the melancholy and intimate “Jeremiah Johnson” which contains some beautiful guitar picking and an emotionally resonant vocal performance. The very next song “Cry and Shout” feels hopeful and almost like you are viewing a sunrise. It’s warm and inviting and I thought the juxtaposition between these songs was great. There are a number of other songs which stuck out to me such as “My Own Lion” and “Castle of D.”

My only critique is I think the album would have benefited from some brevity. I think eight to ten of the best songs would have been a little more powerful in the end.

​Overall, this was a solid album which will resonate most with fans of ’60s style troubadour folk. Take a listen.